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Covid-19 Outbreak Management Plan

This plan is a working document which is kept under review in light of current guidance.


This plan is based on the contingency framework for managing local outbreaks of COVID-19, provided by the Department for Education (DfE).

We implement measures in this plan in response to recommendations provided by the Somerset local authority (LA), the director of public health (DPH), Public Health England (PHE) our local health protection teams or by following government guidance.

These measures will be implemented to help prevent the spread of infection within the pre-school setting, to manage a COVID-19 outbreak or cluster, to react to high COVID-19 infection rates in the community or when all measures in place are still failing to reduce risk and infection.

It is important that everyone complies with the latest Government guidance on Coronavirus. Compassionate leadership is at the heart of offering continued pre-school care and we will do everything we can to be honest, open and to communicate with you. We acknowledge that it is okay to feel worried and that COVID-19 and lockdowns have had an impact on everyone. Everyone involved in the day to day running of the pre-school has received appropriate instruction and training on how to operate safely.


Measures to prevent the spread of infection

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, we have been pleased with the adaptations we have made to our everyday practice to ensure we offered, and continue to offer, our staff and children a safe environment. Hygiene and social distancing remain the two key elements of infection prevention and control. We have made the decision to keep the following procedures in place

  • Any child, staff member, parent or visitor with coronavirus symptoms must not attend pre-school and must isolate at home.

  • Children will not be accepted into the setting if they have been given fever reducing medication, unless prescribed by the doctor for something else. Children with temperatures cannot return until they have been 24 hours fever free, without the need of medication to assist, in line with PH DfE guidelines.

  • Any person displaying symptoms must not return to pre-school until they have completed the required isolation period and/or received a negative coronavirus test, in line with current government guidelines.

  • Increased cleaning processes remain in place.

  • Team members continue to socially distance from each other and during parent handovers.

  • Staff members will wear masks during drop off and collection at pre-school. We also encourage parents to wear a face covering at these times.

  • From 27th January 2022 masks are no longer required by staff in communal areas or when moving around the premises away from children, unless advised as a temporary measure by a director of public health.

  • Staff members carry out regular Lateral Flow Device testing

  • Ventilation is a key part of infection control, doors and windows remain open and outdoor play is encouraged.

  • All persons travelling outside of the UK must adhere to instructions and testing in line with the government guidance.

Management of an Outbreak of COVID-19 in pre-school

When Pre-school infection cases of children or staff members reach 10% over a 14 day period or two or more cases linked directly to the setting within a 14 day period, this may be referred to as a COVID-19 outbreak, and we will take further advice from PHE. Actions may be:

  • A more intense deep clean

  • Restrictions of people entering the building

  • Isolation of identified children or staff members

  • Investigation by the LA Health Protection Team

  • As current guidance does not request that early years settings isolate and close, we are instructing all staff members connected with a positive case to take a PCR test followed by daily Lateral Flow testing for 7 days.

  • Any person contacted by NHS Track and Trace must isolate in accordance with government guidance; as of 14/12/21 this states that adults who are fully vaccinated and all children and young people aged between 5 and 18 years and 6 months identified as a contact of someone with COVID-19 are strongly advised to take a lateral flow test every day for 7 days and continue to attend the setting as normal, unless they have a positive test result.

  • In response to a rise in cases locally, we currently ask that if there is a positive case in your household, or your child has been a close contact of someone out of the household that has tested positive, they remain away from the setting until the other people in the household have stopped isolating. They can return on that day providing they have a negative lateral flow test result. This measure is kept under regular review.

  • In the case of staff sickness, we will organise our staff team to ensure legal ratios continue to be met. If this is not possible, we will endeavour to use our bank staff to provide enough cover to remain fully open. If we are unable to achieve this then we will operate a partial opening. See the Actions below for how we will manage any partial opening should it be necessary.

  • A positive case in the pre-school is reported to OFSTED, Public Health England and Somerset County Council.

  • If there is a positive case, that person can return to the setting on Day 6, with a negative lateral flow result and the absence of a temperature on Day 5 and 6. This guidance applies also to children aged 0-4 years.


Reaction to high infection rates in the local community

Waterloo Road Community Pre-School will ensure that they are up to date with infection records both in the Wellington and Somerset West and Taunton wider area. Additionally, if contacted by DsPH or the LA regarding a high level of infection in the local community the following actions may be recommended:

  • Trips and outings in the area are limited or stopped completely for all children

  • Events at the setting are cancelled

  • Visitors are not permitted onto the site unless essential to a child’s development or wellbeing or to manage an essential need (ie. site maintenance). Any visitors that are permitted on site must wear full PPE and give their details to allow us to manage contact tracing if needed.

Actions following high levels of risk and infection

We will plan these on a case-to-case basis. Different people, due to qualifications and ratios will affect how we run the setting. We will make every effort to remain fully open, but please be aware at times this may not be possible and closure could at short notice. Our requests would be presented in the following order:

  • If you are able to keep your child home to please do so. We would offer places to children in the following order:

  • 1. Children of keyworkers, those classed as in a vulnerable group or with SEN (this may include children not officially in statutory systems)

  • 2. Children who are due to start school in the coming September

  • 3. Three year olds not falling into the above categories.

  • 4. Two year olds.


Waterloo Road Community Pre-School wishes to remain transparent in all proposed actions and advice that we receive. We thank you for following the Covid Risk Assessment procedures we have put in place and for taking the time to read this Outbreak Management Plan.

If you have any questions you can contact us at

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