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Our Day

9.00    Parents/carers are welcomed in the church foyer by a member of staff, and are asked to sign their children in. Children place their belongings then enter the main room to self-register.


9.15  Children are called to the mat to say good morning and to participate in our daily wake and shake.


9.20    Children have the opportunity to participate in free flow play both indoors and outdoors throughout the day.


Café is available throughout the morning. We offer water or milk, a selection of fruit and crackers. We encourage the children to be independent while accessing café; making choices of what they would like to eat and drink, washing their hands, helping to set up the cafe, making their own snack, pouring their own drink and helping tidy away. 

Towards the end of sessions we gather the children on the mat. They are then encouraged to help tidy up and pack the toys away before we come back together to share stories and sing songs.


Children are then assisted in collecting their bag and coats and taken to the gate to go home by an adult. Parents wait in the Foyer.


The children who are staying for lunch line up to go toilet and or wash their hands and we then sit for lunch together.


Lunchtime lasts for ¾ hour. Children are encouraged to eat what has been put in their lunchbox. We do request that you do not include sweets or chocolate bars. Please also include a small ice pack as although we try our best to keep the lunchboxes in a cool place, we cannot guarantee it will always be cold.


The afternoon session starts at 12.45pm and runs similar to the morning session. We also include an afternoon café with snacks of fruit and one biscuit.

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